From August 1, 2022, three overseas carbon black giants will increase their prices!

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Aug 01,2022

Recently, international carbon black giants Cabot, Ou Lilong and Donghai Carbon have issued price increase statements one after another, claiming that the prices of carbon black products in some regions will be raised from August 1.

East China Sea Carbon Raises North American Carbon Black Price

According to the announcement of Donghai carbon black company, starting from August 1, 2022, the price of all carbon black varieties produced in North America will be increased by 0.20 US dollars/pound (equivalent to 440 US dollars per ton, about 2950 yuan). The company said the price increase was necessary to meet increasingly stringent environmental standards, continue to invest in equipment upgrades, pay higher operating costs, and higher operating expenses needed to ensure continuity of supply and improve overall customer reliability.

Cabot raises North American and European carbon black prices and raw material surcharges

Cabot Corporation announced that it will raise the sales price of all carbon black for rubber in North America from August 1, ranging from US $200 to US $400 per ton (equivalent to between RMB 1340 yuan and 2680 yuan), depending on the variety and packaging method. In addition, from August 1, the price of all rubber carbon black sold in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) will be increased. These products include products from Cabot under the trade name BLACK PEARLS®, CRX®, ENDURE®, PROPEL®, REGAL®STERLING®SPHERON®and VULCAN®Carbon black varieties. Price increases vary depending on the specific variety and origin.

At the same time, starting from August 1, the raw material surcharge for all carbon black products sold in North America and EMEA will be increased. In addition, due to the high cost of raw materials and natural gas, working capital has soared. From August 1, the payment period for customers in the above-mentioned regions is also limited to a maximum of 30 days.

Ou Lilong Raises Carbon Black Price for Rubber to Shorten Payment Term

According to Orion Engineered Carbons, Oglon Engineering Carbon Company announced that the price of all rubber carbon black products made in Europe and America will be increased by 20% from August 1, while the payment period will be shortened by half.

To this end, Mr. Pei Corning (Coning Paint), CEO of Olilon, said that the price adjustment this time is due to the impact of soaring production costs, environmental control investment and rising operating costs, and the continuous investment required to ensure reliable supply. At the same time, due to the increase in raw material procurement costs, it is necessary to shorten the payment period to an acceptable level of working capital to provide customers with stable and reliable products and services.

For the reasons for the price adjustment, the three companies said that it was mainly due to the increase in manufacturing costs and operating costs.