What is the function of absorbing materials? Related introduction of absorbing materials

Dec 14,2023

With the improvement of the power density of electronic devices, the electromagnetic compatibility problem of electronic devices is becoming more and more serious, and the absorbing material with shielding function has become a new trend to solve this problem.

Rubber back frost treatment method

Nov 07,2023

In the production of rubber products due to the use of accessories is not when the rubber products will cause spray (spray white). Today, let's say goodbye to frost spray (white spray) forever with 3 moves and solve the problem of frost spray (white spray) with 2 moves.

Application of FFKM Perfluorinated Sealing Ring

Oct 23,2023

Today, we will introduce the raw material characteristics and application fields of perfluoroether FFKM rubber, so that we can have a better understanding of perfluoroether FFKM rubber. below please follow xiaobian take a look at it.

Forty years of wind and rain, the sea embarks all rivers and starts again | Bohai Rubber and Plastic 40th Anniversary Celebration Successfully Concluded

Oct 12,2023

Looking back, we can continue our friendship and enjoy the present and welcome the future together. On June 16, the 40th anniversary celebration of Bohai rubber and plastic was held in the hilton hotel. With the theme of "the wind and rain for 40 years, the sea embarks all rivers and starts again", the celebration interprets the unchanging original intention of Bohai rubber and plastic with three chapters of "gratitude", "innovation" and "re development", reviews the road of development of Bohai Sea, and expresses the gratitude of Bohai Sea and the confidence of working together to create a better future. Bohai guide, representatives of some partners, representatives of former employees and representatives of Bohai partners witnessed the glorious moment of the 40th anniversary, shared joy and wished Bohai's 40th anniversary. Thanksgiving, is the Bohai people's true feelings. Bohai people are grateful for this passionate era, every customer around them, and every partner of the gratitude team. In the chapter of gratitude, Chairman Hao Chuanwei recalled the bit by bit of cooperation and win-win with colleagues, partners and customers. On the way to the growth of the Bohai Sea, a group of partners who keep good faith and heavy promises have become a strong backing for the Bohai Sea. Thanks to the trust and support of Beijing Group, Cangfu Chemical, Sanyo Co., Ltd., Fuji Rubber Industry, Ideal Automobile, Aiwatma Hafnium, Terada Pump Co., Ltd., Gui Nuchuan Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd., Panasonic Compressor, Fuji Electric Motor, Liebherr and other companies, it has helped the development of Bohai Sea. On the way to Bohai's growth, in addition to strong backing, there is also such a group of people who come from the front line, lead the team to forge ahead with a pragmatic and dedicated attitude, and create unlimited possibilities with a dedicated team. Bohai Rubber will continue to Do not forget your initiative mind, forge ahead, adhere to the core values of "customer-centered and result-oriented", seize development opportunities in the fierce market competition, strive to surpass, pursue excellence, continuously accumulate experience, build a strong team, and build a new image and create new brilliance with the vision of "becoming the first choice of customers and creating a century-old Bohai foundation!
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