Rubber back frost treatment method

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Nov 07,2023

In the production of rubber products, due to the inappropriate use of auxiliary materials, it will cause blooming (white spray) on rubber products.. Today we use3Call forever farewell spray frost (spray white),2Call for a temporary solution to spray frost (spray white) method.

The first high temperature baking, according to the characteristics of raw rubber and compounding agent, select the appropriate high temperature curing temperature and time.

The second trick: the liquid or solid compounding agent inside the rubber or vulcanizate is precipitated on the surface of the rubber product due to migration to form a cloud or white powder The phenomenon of the last substance. This is due to the use of sulfur, paraffin, some antioxidants, softeners beyond their solubility in rubber And caused. In order to prevent spraying frost, the dosage of various compounding agents should be appropriate, and insoluble sulfur can be used to prevent common sulfur spraying frost. Appropriate addition of pine tar, liquid Gumalone, etc. in the rubber can increase the solubility of the rubber to the above-mentioned compounding agents to reduce the phenomenon of blooming. .

The third trick: the reason for spraying frost is that the amount of ingredients exceeds the saturation of rubber. If you spray frost due to anti-aging agents, then you can use the method of using anti-aging agents together, that is, different kinds of anti-aging agents are used together. And you in the mixing process to ensure that the ingredients evenly dispersed, you can also add rubber homogenizing agent, dispersant.

TwoSolve the phenomenon of spraying frost for a while

1.Chemical reagent wiping; the use of chemical reaction using chemical agents to wipe the rubber products can solve the method of temporary spray.

2.Roughening the surface; it is to polish off the surface where the surface is sprayed to make the surface of the rubber product not smooth.


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