Application of FFKM Perfluorinated Sealing Ring

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Oct 23,2023

Today, we will introduce the raw material characteristics and application fields of perfluoroether FFKM rubber, so that we can have a better understanding of perfluoroether FFKM rubber. below please follow xiaobian take a look at it.

FKM sealing material as we all know refers to fluorine rubber, FFKM is perfluoroether rubber, which is the main material of sealing ring products or rubber products made of perfluorinated sealing rubber material. It is a sealing material that is much higher than ordinary FKM fluororubber in terms of material application and price. It can be said that it is not a level of product performance. The material of the perfluoro rubber sealing ring is resistant to high temperature environment and corrosion resistance (it can withstand 1600 kinds of chemical corrosion).

1. perfluorinated ether rubber material performance:

FFKM perfluorinated etherRubber seal ringThe material is composed of TFE (main chain), PMVE (branched chain) and bridging part. It not only has excellent high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance like PTFE, but also has the elasticity of rubber. The working temperature range of ordinary perfluoro rubber sealing ring is -25 ℃ ~ 240 ℃.

The compression deformation rate of FFKM perfluoroether rubber sealing ring material at 300 ℃ is only below 50%. High temperature resistance up to 327 ℃, even when exposed to a constant temperature of 316 ℃ or intermittent high temperature environment such as 343 ℃, it will not lead to sealing failure hardening and embrittlement, and it can still maintain its elasticity and resilience in direct contact with aggressive fluid immersion.

FFKM perfluoroether rubber material is a rubber material with high temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance and good organic solvent resistance among all elastic sealing materials at present. Perfluoroether rubber can resist corrosion of 1600 kinds of chemical solvents such as strong acid, strong alkali, organic solvent, ultra-high temperature steam, ether, ketone, ester, nitrogen-containing compound, hydrocarbon, alcohol, aldehyde, furan, amine-based compound, etc. Its high temperature resistance can reach 320 ℃. FFKM perfluoroether parts have nearly 40 years of practical application experience in many industries.

Working conditions of 2. perfluorinated ether FFKM rubber sealing products:

Due to the high cost of raw materials of perfluoroether FFKM rubber, the working condition G of perfluoroether FFKM seal is usually used as harsh. Other rubber raw materials cannot meet the sealing requirements under these harsh working conditions. Under these harsh working conditions, other rubbers are prone to corrosion, swelling, dissolution, aging and hardening, resulting in sealing failure. Perfluoroether FFKM rubber, due to its excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, meets the sealing requirements under harsh working conditions, while increasing the service life of seals and reducing customer maintenance costs.

3. perfluorinated ether FFKMRubber sealApplication areas:

Perfluoroelastomer seals also have excellent air tightness, high cleanliness and ion resistance, which are widely used in many industries.

* Semiconductor industry (plasma corrosion, gas corrosion, acid and alkali corrosion, high temperature corrosion, rubber seal high cleanliness requirements)

* Pharmaceutical industry (organic acid corrosion, organic alkali corrosion, organic solvent corrosion, high temperature corrosion)

* Chemical industry (strong acid corrosion, strong alkali corrosion, gas corrosion, organic solvent corrosion, high temperature corrosion)

* Petroleum industry (heavy oil corrosion, hydrogen sulfide corrosion, high sulfide corrosion, organic component corrosion, high temperature corrosion)

* Automotive industry (high temperature oil corrosion, high temperature corrosion)

* Laser electroplating industry (high temperature corrosion, high cleanliness perfluorinated ether rubber can not precipitate metal ions)

* Battery industry (acid and alkali corrosion, strong active medium corrosion, strong oxidizing medium corrosion, high temperature corrosion)

* Special equipment manufacturing industry (strong acid and alkali corrosion, gas corrosion, high temperature corrosion, organic solvent corrosion, ion corrosion)

* Special chemical industry (strong oxidant corrosion, strong active agent corrosion, concentrated acid and alkali corrosion, organic solvent corrosion)

* Nuclear power thermoelectric industry (high temperature steam corrosion, ultra-high water corrosion, nuclear radiation corrosion)

Manufacturers of 4. perfluorinated ether FFKM rubber

In view of the complicated manufacturing process of perfluoroether rubber, so far, only a few manufacturers in the world can produce perfluoroether rubber raw materials. They are: US G DuPont Kalrez perfluoroether rubber, US G3M perfluoroether rubber, Japan Daikin (DAIKIN) perfluoroether rubber, Italy Solvay (SOLVAY) perfluoroether rubber and other four manufacturers.

The above is the introduction ofRaw material characteristics and application fields of perfluorinated ether FFKM rubberThe content, hope to be able to help everyone.