What is the function of absorbing materials? Related introduction of absorbing materials

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Dec 14,2023

With the improvement of the power density of electronic devices, the electromagnetic compatibility problem of electronic devices is becoming more and more serious, and the absorbing material with shielding function has become a new trend to solve this problem.


Definition and function of wave absorbing material

Absorbing material refers to a kind of functional material that can absorb and attenuate the electromagnetic wave energy incident in space, and reduce or eliminate the reflected electromagnetic wave, which is generally composed of a matrix material and a loss medium. Through the small polar molecules, absorption consumes micro-blog energy. According to the law that the electromagnetic wave propagates in the medium from the low magnetic direction to the high magnetic conductivity direction, the high permeability ferrite is used to guide the electromagnetic wave, and a large amount of radiation energy of the electromagnetic wave is absorbed through resonance, and then the energy of the electromagnetic wave is converted into heat energy through coupling.
Electromagnetic waves induce currents in the material, and the transmission of currents within the material is blocked and converted into internal energy. The greater the conductivity, the greater the macroscopic current caused by the carriers (current caused by electric field and eddy current caused by magnetic field) is conducive to the transformation of electromagnetic energy into heat energy.
The wave-absorbing material is mainly a shielding film with ferrite as the base material. Its main function is to absorb coupled electromagnetic waves to prevent the superposition of electric waves and eliminate redundant electric waves in the intelligent electronic system. The wave-absorbing material can be cut and formed and pasted on the back of the touch panel or on the cable to resist electromagnetic interference EMI and optimize the performance of the touch screen.

principle of wave absorbing material

1. The principle of wave-absorbing material is based on magnetic microwave absorber, which converts the electromagnetic wave of electronic equipment into heat energy by means of insulation loss, magnetic loss and resistance loss to reduce the effect of electromagnetic radiation. It has the characteristics of high permeability, optional frequency band width, and can be developed for specific frequency bands.
The absorbing material has good absorption characteristics in the range of 10MHz ~ 6GHz, which can avoid electromagnetic interference or leakage caused by secondary reflection. The products are mainly wave-absorbing patch types, and can also be processed into various shapes according to customer requirements. Absorbing materials can be used in electronic equipment cavities such as notebook computers, mobile phones, communication cabinets, etc.
3. The wave-absorbing material has good absorption effect on electromagnetic waves and wide absorption frequency. Dalian Bohai Rubber can be customized according to customer requirements, with thin thickness and high cost performance, and a wide range of uses and applications.
Absorbing materials classified by shape
Dalian Bohai rubber can produce hollow cone, absorbing rubber plate, can also be produced according to customer demand hollow square cone.