Cangfu Chemical MINI Table Active Vibration Removal Table

 Pororoca is a new technology brand. It is the general term for O-rings developed by Awatma Hafnium for LCD/semiconductor manufacturing equipment. They offer high temperature resistance, chemical resistance in many corrosive applications and long service life. Aiwatma hafnium O-rings and seals provide high performance FFKM O-rings for your demanding applications.


Product Introduction

Product Details


6Active Control of Degrees of Freedom
. EquippedLCDLCD Display
. Suitable for clean room
. Automatic horizontal adjustment


Applicable instruments


. Atomic Force Microscope AFM

. Scanning electron microscope SEM

. White Light Interferometer WLI

. Scanning Probe Microscope SPM

. Thermal Analyzer TA

. Laser microscope

Surface hardness tester

Microhardness tester

. Electronic Libra

Other precision instruments

. Digital Analogy Converter DAC

. vinyl turntable




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